About the Posse

Your current supplier might be doing a good job but are they finding everything?

Cold Case Posse™ are repossession specialists. Specializing in locating, recovering and re-selling vehicles and equipment for financial institutions that other firms could not recover. These are generally clients’ most difficult files that are considered lost or have been written-off.

  • Our research has discovered there is over 1 Billion Dollars per year written off due to missing vehicles and equipment. HOW MUCH OF THAT IS YOUR MONEY?

This modern-day posse consists of over 100 seasoned, trail-wise bailiffs who will scour the countryside to recover your vehicles and equipment that others have been unable to find and return the rewards.

Most missing vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, trailers, & many more) end up in another province or Country.  But no one is safe from the Cold Case Posse. Our international network of experienced posse rider’s enjoy the hunt and pride themselves in finding vehicles and returning cash to their clients.

Cold Case Posse

Cold Case Posse