Posse FAQ

Risk? There isn’t any!

If the Posse is unsuccessful recovering the vehicle/equipment or settling the account, then no fees or expenses are charged to the client

Does is matter how old the account is?

Even if the account was written-off years ago the Posse can still find them (It’s important you still have a registered security interest in the vehicle or equipment).

Who are your clients?

  • Finance & Leasing Companies
  • Automotive Finance Companies
  • Secondary Finance Companies
  • Rental Companies
  • Chartered Banks
  • Car Dealerships
  • Credit Unions
  • Trustees

What Services do you offer?

Repossession: Locate, seize and sell units or settle accounts that other recovery agencies could not find.

We are also available to be a Speaker at your seminars or conferences if your employees are looking for more information on collecting from your written off accounts.

How do I assign an account?

Phone, email, or fax us to get access to fill out an "Assign Account Form".

What do I need to get started?

The original credit application, copy of the contract, personal reference sheet, PPR Verification statement & any notes from previous locate efforts.

How long do you work the file?

You must commit the file for a minimum of 120 days.

What if the Debtor wants to make a settlement?

Your approval is required regarding settlements which we will mediate on your behalf.

How do you find Debtors when others can’t?

Through our vast network of Professional Repossession Agents.

What is your average success rate?

We exceed 65%.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We comply with all of Canada’s Privacy Laws.