Have you ever had that one file that got away?

We take on repossessions where all other efforts have failed, on a No find No fee basis. Many companies are now sending their second & third assignments to us because of our success rate and superior returns. We not only handle recent accounts but your historical accounts as well. We could go back as far as 2006 or more as long as there is still a registered security interest in the asset.

Cold Case Posse™ utilizes a web-based, online database software program called TRACKER. It is secure and accessible through all modern web browsers using usernames and passwords. Clients may issue assignments online, by file download or facsimile.

The online system features a two-way messaging system including e-mail flags whenever a client or agent updates a file. This allows client reps to be notified through their e-mail of file updates and TRACKER does not need to be open to receive these updates.

Clients seeking access to the Assign Accounts Form please phone or email the Posse to obtain your login and password.

Cold Case Posse